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As a fertile source of new natural products and environmental friendly solutions, algae are seen today as renewable resources with high potential to foster sustainable development of the emerging Blue Bioeconomy in Europe.

Today, intensive research and development of innovations and technologies is ongoing for a wide range of valuable, competitive and sustainable algae-based applications in order to expand the algae market.

The European workshop “Alg’in Provence” will highlight novel activities on algae valorisation in Europe with a special focus on R&D and industrial initiatives occurring in the French Mediterranean regions.

It will gather people with knowledge & skills in the field of applied algal biotechnology and their potential in a commercial, industrial context, with an aim to stimulate knowledge exchange and collaborations in industrial blue biotechnologies.


“Alg’in Provence” workshop, a successful event


“Alg’in Provence” was held on 1-2 October in Palais des Congrès, Arles, France. The European workshop was organised by CEA as part of the ABACUS project.


The event gathered more than 100 participants representing industrials (from large groups to SMEs), R&D and technology providers, equipment manufacturers for algae culture, academics and stakeholders, from 7 countries (France, Germany, Spain, UK, Portugal, Chile, Morocco).




During these 2 days, 23 speakers shared knowledge and news on applied algae technologies, algae R&I and algae-based bioeconomy opportunities around 5 topics: Algae biorefineries for added value ingredients, Blue biomaterials, Research & Innovation, Circular blue bioeconomy and Bioeconomy opportunities in the Sud-PACA region (Please see the program below).

In addition to oral presentations, participants had the opportunity to exchange and develop new collaborations around 23 poster presentations and 9 exhibitions on photobioreactors and monitoring equipment for algae cultivation, algae-based innovative ingredients and algae R&I.


On the 3rd of October, a site visit was organised at the LUMA foundation in Arles to introduce the cultural project of the Maja Hoffmann’s foundation. A special focus was done on the cross-disciplinary center “Atelier LUMA” where the activities of the “Algae Platform” were presented. The project combines research and creativity to highlight the potentials of algae by using algae bio-materials for producing art items or replicas of archaeological objects. For more information, please click here.


 107 attendees
 81     organisations
 32     posters/exhibitions
 23     oral communications
 7        countries


Alg'in Provence 1-2 Oct 2019_video report

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The "Alg'in Provence" workshop in newspapers:

The 2-day workshop will offer 16 interactive oral presentations covering 5 topics:

               o    Algae biorefineries for added value ingredients

               o    Blue biomaterials

               o    Research & innovation

               o    Circular blue bioeconomy

               o    Bioeconomy opportunities in the Sud-PACA* region

In addition, all participants will have the opportunity to communicate about their activities during coffee-breaks through poster presentations or exhibitions. Please click on the left button "poster communications and exhibitions" for more information.

A 1h30-site visit (3 October 2019, between 9:00-and 12:00) is also planned at "Atelier LUMA" with a focus on "Algae Platform" (LUMA foundation) in Arles, France.

Click here for more information.

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1-2 October 2019

location icon.jpgArles, France

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Alg'in Provence - 1-2 Oct 2019 - ProgramDAY1_updated2019.09.24.jpg

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The workshop is free of charge.

However, a registration and an abstract submission for poster presentation or exhibition are mandatory.




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