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Published on 9 March 2020

A new article to add on the publication list of ABACUS project!

In the frame of WP5 (Fractionation), CSIC and A4F were collaborating to optimize the simultaneous extraction and purification of fucoxanthin, the main carotenoid from the marine microalgae Tisochrysis lutea. A method based on pressurized fluid extraction followed by in-cell purification was therefore developed.

A 5th article published from ABACUS project

In the frame of WP5 (Fractionation), CSIC partner integrated two green compressed fluid-based processes (pressurized liquid extraction, PLE and supercritical antisolvent fractionation, SAF) to obtain an astaxanthin-enriched extract from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae.


Carotenoids microalgae review.jpg

A new review on microalgal carotenoids from our partners SAMS and Microphyt is published!

In this paper our partners provide tools and a broad overview of the regulatory processes of carotenoid production from microalgae and other novel feedstocks. This review is related to the WP1 "Solidification of market opportunities and products specifications" of ABACUS project.

5th General Assembly in Montpellier


The fifth General Assembly of ABACUS project took place last 16 December 2019 in Montpellier, France.

The project meeting was hosted by the Microphyt partner which took the opportunity to present its facilities for microalgae production (from lab to industrial scale) and microalgal compound extraction for developing natural active ingredients to food supplements and cosmetics sectors. The progress of each WP was  presented and next steps were discussed in line with the project objectives during the Executive Board meeting.​

16-17 December 2019

1-2 October 2019

“Alg’in Provence” workshop, a successful event

The European workshop “Alg’in Provence” was held on 1-2 October in Arles, France.

The event gathered more than 100 participants representing industrials (from large groups to SMEs), R&D and technology providers, equipment manufacturers for algae culture, academics and stakeholders of the French Sud-PACA region, from 7 countries.

Fore more details, click here.

The video about our project ABACUS is now released!
ABACUS presents an overview of the accomplished work done in all WPs during the 2 first years of the project.
WP1 Market and Roadmap, WP2 Algae selection, WP3 Process design, WP4 Up-scaling, WP5 Fractionation, WP6 Applicability, WP7 Product and Market acceptance, WP8-9-10 Communication, Management and Ethics requirements - September 2019

Video ABACUS.jpg
Video with subtitles, click here​


Interview of our project coordinator, Jean-François Sassi, about ABACUS project

Our project coordinator, Jean-François Sassi, was interviewed by CEA Cadarache - June 2019

Our partner Protéus by Seqens highlights its activities for ABACUS project

Protéus by Seqens is specialized in designing, developing and implementing sustainable industrial processes using enzymes and microbial strains. In the context of ABACUS project, Protéus provides a collection of more than 600 microalgae for selecting the best strains in term of biomass productivity and products of interest.

VideoProtéus image.jpg

For more details about the role of Protéus in the project, please see the Newsletter issue#2 - June 2019

20-21 June 2019
4th General Assembly in Madrid

The 4th General Assembly of our project took place last 20 June 2019 in Madrid, Spain.
Our partner CSIC hosted the event and took the opportunity to show its activities and equipements related to methods for extraction/purification and characterisation of the value compounds we are producing during the project. All partners presented their progress and next steps were discussed. The Executive Board and Advisory Board meeting was also organised at that place.

A second review published by our partner CISC

Our partner CSIC presents an updated perspective on the use of compressed fluids, mainly under sub- and supercritical conditions, for the extraction of bioactive components from natural matrices covering the period from 2015 to present.
Gallego2019 review TrAC.jpg
Biorefinery cascade processing of olive pomace


Downstream processing based on the use of pressurized liquids for the valorization of a microalgae biomass

Gallego R, Martínez M, Cifuentes A, Ibáñez E and Herrero M. (2019) Development of a Green Downstream Process for the Valorization of Porphyridium cruentum Biomass. Molecules. 24 (8), 1564

First published results from ABACUS project by our partner CSIC

"Development of a Green Downstream Process for the Valorization of Porphyridium cruentum Biomass" is a research paper based on work done in the WP5 "Fractionation" of ABACUS project. It explores the use of compressed fluids-based techniques towards the efficient and green extraction of bioactive compounds (carotenoids, phycoerythrin and sulfated polysaccharides) to valorize biomass from the cultivation of the microalgae Porphyridium cruentum.​

ABACUS project is already well represented by the partners for 2019

· BPS 2019, 7-10 Jan 2019, Oban

· EABA Haematococcus workshop, 27-28 Mar 2019, Brussels 

· In-cosmetics Global 2019, 2-4 Apr 2019, Paris

· EMSF 2019, 8-11 Apr 2019, Ciudad Real

· 9th European Algae Industry Summit, 10-11 Apr 2019, Lisbon


· 27th EUBCE 2019, 27-30 May 2019, Lisbon

· SETAC Europe, 26-30 May 2019, Helsinki

· EPC7, 25-30 Aug 2019, Zagreb

· SFGP2019, 15-17 Oct 2019, Nantes

review CSIC 2018-8.jpg

A review on “Green extraction of bioactive compounds from microalgae” from our partner CSIC is published yet

Our partner CSIC presents an overview on the latest progress of green extraction techniques, based on the use of compressed fluids, for extraction and characterization of bioactive compounds from microalgae. This review is partly based on work done in the WP5 "Fractionation" of ABACUS project.

3rd General Assembly in Lisbon

The third General Assembly of ABACUS project took place last 20 November 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The project meeting was hosted by the A4F partner, which took the opportunity to present the biotechnology company facilities for microalgae R&D and production. All partners presented the progress of their respective activities and next steps and actions were discussed in line with the project objectives. The meeting was also the occasion to organize the Executive Board and Advisory Board meeting.​

20-21 November 2018​

ABACUS group in Stuttgart 5 juin 2018-2.bmp

5 June 2018​

2nd General Assembly in Stuttgart - 1st year meeting

On the 5th of June this year, the second General Assembly meeting was hosted by Subitec at the german city of Stuttgart.

Representatives from all partners got together again to discuss about progress and next steps to overcome in the ABACUS project.​

1st General Assembly in Oban

On the 22nd and 23rd of November 2017, some 15 representatives from the nine partners participating in the ABACUS project met in Oban in Scotland.

Results achieved in the first six months of the project were presented and on-going activities and future plans were discussed. The meeting was hosted by partner Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) and took place at their institute, where also the popular Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP) is located. Moreover during this meeting at Oban, we had to opportunity to meet our Advisory Board.​

22-23 November 2017

4 May 2017

Kick off meeting in Cadarache, France

ABACUS was launched during the Kick off meeting, that took place at CEA’s facilities in Castle of Cadarache.

During this meeting, representatives from all partners introduced their company and describe their action in the Project. Dieter Brigitta, Project Officer from Bio Based Industries, was also invited and launched the meeting by introducing BBI’s action in bioeconomy.​