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About ABACUS project

Project acronym : ABACUS

Project title: Algae for a biomass applied to the production of added value compounds

Start date: 01/05/2017

Duration: 36 months

H2020 -BBI-JTI Project Grant Agreement number: 745668

Project Total Cost: € 5,135 ,861

EC Contribution/Funding: € 4,653,659

Programme acronym: BBI-2016-RIA

Subprogramme area: Exploiting algae and other aquatic biomass for production of molecules for pharma, nutraceuticals, food additives and cosmetic applications

Funding scheme: Collaborative project

Published on 1 June 2017

ABACUS is a 3-year project aiming at a business-oriented and technology-driven development of a new algal biorefinery, thereby bringing to the market innovative algae-based ingredients for high-end applications, with focus on algal terpenes for fragrances to long-chain terpenoids (carotenoids) for nutraceuticals and cosmetic actives.

The concept of ABACUS will associate several interdisciplinary approaches in order to support a high-value products market development oriented :

  • 1-Selection and Biological engineering of microalgal strains and oriented photosynthesis of terpenoids*
  • 2-Technological development of algae biomass production system to optimize cultivation and photosynthesis of terpenoids
  • 3-Technological development of the dowstream processing step to reduce harvesting time and costs (both investment and operational costs), and to be environmentally acceptable
  • 4-Market development oriented to new added value algae bio-based materials and new bio based value chain production
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  • *Terpenoids are molecules that can be found in photosynthetic microorganisms like plants or algae. They represent a renewable alternative to petroleum-derived fuel and building blocks of synthetic biopolymers as well as high value compounds for cosmetic and nutraceutical uses