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Project structure

​ABACUS project is developed through 10 workpackages.

Published on 10 December 2018



WP1 Will provide the market opportunities for terpenes and terpenoids as well as the road map of the Project.

WP2 will carry out a  selection of 10 strains including natural, mutant and GMO strains for an improved production of terpenes and terpenoids for applicaton in  fragrances, and cosmetic actives, nutraceuticals (carotenoids belong to the terpenoid family), and agrochemicals (terpenes are also adjuvants for phytosanitary formulations).

WP3 will work on the optimization of biomass production processes and production systems.

WP4 considers the up-scaling of the production systems for algae culture and terpene production.

WP5 will address the downstream process, where green fractionation steps will be developed also on representative technological platform.

WP6 is focused on the applicability of the extracted target compounds as well as other side products. The processes issued from previous WPs will be up scaled on pilot lines implemented on industrial biotechnological platforms provided by RTOs and SMEs partners. Regulation aspects associated to the targeted products (terpenes and terpenoids) and by-products (lipids, hydrocarbons, …) will be also  considered in this work package.

WP7 will assess the whole value chain of production to provide life cycle, technical-economic and environmental analysis which are required for market acceptance of algae biomass production.

Finally, WP8 and WP9 deal respectively with the exploitation/dissemination/communication plan and on management/coordination of the ABACUS project. And WP10 will take into account ethics related issues.